SKY PROJECTION MAPPING: video, 3D animations and images finally visible high up in the sky!

With this brand new technology, invented by NuFormer, it is possible to visualize video, 3D animations, graphics and text in the sky.
Due to the large size the content is well visible from a distance and from multiple sides for many people on the ground.

The sky is now our canvas.

SKY PROJECTION MAPPING: unimaginable and impressive highlight at any event

Any event, especially with a massive crowd like on festivals as Summerfest, Rock in Rio and Coachella, can have a unique and impactful highlight with Sky Projection Mapping. Imagine one of the performing artists on the roof of the main stage at part of their act. Visible for the full crowd while singing live and synchronized with the band that plays on stage. Or maybe even with 4 duplicates, fully synchronized. Such visual effect take the performer’s act to the highest level and makes the show and the festival one never to forget. And what to think of a live interaction with the audience from that position on the roof? It is all possible with Sky projection Mapping. Contact us to learn more.

SPM | unimaginable and impactful

SKY PROJECTION MAPPING: a brand new tool for global marketing and communication

Imagine people on the street looking up to the sky because there is something that attracts their attention. And it is not just the stars, the moon or dark clouds, but the Batman Sign! Or a most famous logo, a striking video or awesome 3D animation… anything that fits the objectives of marketing and communication strategies. And don’t forget the press! Undoubtedly very keen to inform the world about this new phenomenon in the field of communication and performance.

SPM | reach out far and impressive

SKY PROJECTION MAPPING: your target groups involved with interactive sky projection

The content, visible high up in the sky, can be designed and developed in a way that it is not just attractive to look at but also to create interactivity. Imagine people standing on the street, looking up to a logo that is visible in the sky. They point their smartphone or tablet to that same logo and within one or two seconds the tracked logo triggers an activation that opens and shows a video on their display or takes them to an online shop. Or play roulette with the audience, using their smartphones and tablets for their bet. After everybody has done his online bet, the roulette starts spinning… These are just two examples, but there are many more. Any kind of interactivity can be designed, developed and integrated in any Sky Projection performance.

Communicate smart, make it interactive

SKY PROJECTION MAPPING: produced turnkey all over the world by experts in our international network

The sky projection productions are designed, developed, organized and executed all over the world by NuFormer’s International Projection Mapping Group, an international network of dedicated teams with experts in the field of advanced projection mapping, engineering, project management and organization. This global network of teams allows us to offer our productions fully turnkey if desired, anywhere in the world.

Just tell us when and where, and we will take it from there.


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